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Film, Photography & Director

"Make your Life Show and Poetry"

Incredible historic connection
Like living various moments in an instant
Dying, after evolving and expanding, to then revive.
Decades, in a millisecond,
Flashed from light to darkness and vice versa
Red hot iron sparks, that smokily die out with sundown.

Life found us,
Embraced and velvety as if in a dream,
A kaleidoscope of colors that tickle our sensations.
Matter forms, the butterfly spreads its wings out of the chrysalis.
Then horrors, hate that destroy all harmony
Massacres and storms that drain souls
The virtue of knowledge for every conscious creature of God
The end of a Journey, portrait of a morning,
Breathless stories that can't awaken.
And then Infinity,
The voice of silence, and it begins.

-- Sean Arthur--